Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Solutions

If you are hurt in an accident at work, or in a work-related incident, you can make a workers compensation claim.

In Queensland, all employers must have appropriate insurance that can pay your wages and medical costs in the case of an accident. If you want to know if you can make a claim, you have been made an offer, or you have a query related to existing compensation, Bartels Lawyers can help you.

Our process always starts with a free initial consultation where we match you with an expert lawyer who will continue to assist you with your claim.

What to do If You are Hurt at Work

The most important thing to do in the aftermath of a workplace incident is to make sure you are not in any immediate danger. Always seek first aid or emergency assistance if required.

Once any immediate issues have been resolved, you should:

  • Report your accident to your employer
  • See a doctor – this is essential for linking your symptoms back to your workplace accident
  • Get independent legal advice – this can help you to understand your rights and options
  • Lodge a claim with your employer’s insurer

Do I have a Claim?

Under the workers compensation scheme, you can make a claim if:

  • You are considered an employee – this includes causal and permanent employees, full time and part time, and may include some contractors
  • You have been hurt at work – including physical damage such as fractures, and strains, psychiatric injuries, serious illness etc.
  • Your existing condition has been worsened as a result of work
  • You have suffered while travelling as part of work of while receiving medical treatment for another work incident

Types of Claims and Payments

At Bartels Lawyers, we are compensation law specialists. We can provide advice on all workers compensation cases and payment enquires, including:

Reach out to Bartels Lawyers for free advice in an initial consultation.

Workers Compensation – More Questions and Answers

Who pays for my compensation?

If you proceed with and are successful with your claim, you will be paid through your employer’s workers compensation insurance. This is a compulsory insurance that all employers in Queensland must have.

What are the legal fees in workers compensation cases?

Our no win no fee policy and free initial consultation ensure that you have access to professional advice and that you won’t be left out of pocket if your claim is unsuccessful. We will always discuss any fees with you so you know what to expect.

How long is the workers compensation process? 

The length of every claim will vary depending on the complexity of your case and any dispute of facts.

What do I do if I stop receiving my payments?

Talk to your employer and their insurer about the situation and seek legal advice if you have payment disputes.