Medical Treatment Claims

Understanding Medical Treatment Claims

If you have been hurt at work and require medical treatment, then you may be able to claim compensation for these costs. Workers compensation can cover costs for both physical damage – like a strain or a fracture – and psychiatric conditions, that are caused by a workplace incident or working conditions.

If you have questions about your situation or your entitlements, contact Bartels Lawyers for independent legal advice.

Ensure Your Recovery

If you have been hurt in the workplace, it is important to first follow a range of steps. You should:

1. Address any immediate medical concerns in the aftermath of a workplace accident

2. Notify your employer of the incident

3. See a doctor as soon as possible in order to start your treatment

4. Ensure that you know your rights and options by seeking legal advice

5. Lodge a claim with your employer’s insurer

By following these steps you are more likely to be successful in your claim for medical treatment compensation.

What Kind of Medical Expenses are Covered?

Medical treatment claims can be made to compensate you for treatments by a registered doctor, dentist, psychiatrist or other healthcare professional. This can include:

  • Surgical and hospital expenses
  • Prescription medication
  • Rehabilitation treatment and equipment
  • Travel expenses for your treatment

Will My Treatment be Covered?

You will be eligible to receive medical treatment compensation if:

  • You are considered an employee under the relevant law
  • You have been hurt during work hours and in the course of work – this includes travelling in the course of work and also covers psychiatric harm caused by bullying, intimidation, etc.

Your treatment costs may also be covered if you have an existing condition that has been worsened by a workplace incident.

Medical Treatment Queries

For more information about your claim you can contact Bartels Lawyers on (07) 3341 2222. For general information, please explore the read our frequently asked questions below.

What medical expenses won’t be covered in a claim?

Any treatments by non-registered persons – including many alternative treatments – will not be covered. These may include massage and acupuncture services not performed by a registered practitioner.

Some travel expenses, unauthorised hospital costs and some surgeries also may not be covered.

What happens if my claim is rejected?

If your claim is not accepted, you will have to pay for your costs, but you may be eligible for other benefits to assist you with this. It is recommended that you contact a lawyer before proceeding with your claim or if you believe your claim has been unfairly rejected.

Are there any time limits to consider?

Yes. All workers compensation claims are governed by strict time limits. You should visit a lawyer to determine any restrictions that apply to your case and the best course of action going forward.

What is the legal process for this claim?

When your partner with Bartels Lawyers, your compensation claim will begin with a free initial consultation. If you wish to proceed, we will then work with you on a no win no fee basis to build your case, undergo negations, and eventually resolve your case.