Psychological & Bullying Claims

Workplace Bullying and Psychological Harm

Sometimes incidences in the workplace can lead to longer term, psychological damage. If you are suffering from a psychological condition caused by workplace bullying, an accident at work, or a traumatic workplace event, you may be eligible for workers compensation. 

If you believe that you are entitled to compensation, Bartels Lawyers can provide you with a dedicated lawyer. We will help you to understand your situation, and determine your best move. 

Defining Psychological Harm

In workers compensation cases, psychological harm has occurred if you are suffering from a psychiatric condition following a workplace event. 

This could be an ongoing incident – such as bullying, harassment and unsafe working hours – or it could be isolated, such as an accident or witnessing a traumatic event.

If your employment has resulted in your condition then you may have a claim. 

Reporting Your Incident 

If you have been hurt psychologically at work, it is important to report the incident – both to your employer and to your doctor.

Seeking medical advice is crucial in connecting your condition to your employment and securing any compensation you are entitled to.

I Want to Make a Claim – What Happens Now?

Seeking legal advice is an important early step in making a compensation claim. In a free consultation with our team, we can determine your eligibility to make a claim. If you then choose to make a claim, we can guide you through the entire process, assisting with the important legal steps in the process.

Understanding Psychological Harm – FAQs

Do I have a claim?

You may have a psychological injury claim if you are suffering from a psychological condition because of:

  • Employer negligence or;
  • An accident sustained at work

Who pays my compensation?

As in all workers compensation cases, your employer’s insurance will pay you the compensation if your claim is successful.

How much will the claims process cost?

Each workers compensation claim differs depending on the amount of work involved in your case. Our free initial consultation and no win no fee promise means that you are given access to expert legal advice and that you are never left out of pocket if your case is unsuccessful.

What can I claim in a psychological harm case?

What you are able to claim for and the amount you can claim will be specific to your unique circumstances. Some factors you may be able to claim compensation for include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Travel expenses